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Sample English Dialogue: Renting a Car

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Renting A Car

This is a conversation between a customer and a Rent-A-Car clerk for renting a car.

Clerk: Welcome to ABC car rentals. How may I help you?

Customer: I want to rent a car, please.

Clerk: Yes sure, Madam. Have you reserved the car on our website or is it your first visit?

Customer: No, I haven’t reserved it on your site. Actually this trip was not really preplanned. So I could not visit your website and do it in advance.

Clerk: No problem, Madam. I would like to know a few details from you before I look into the availability of cars.

Customer: Yes, sure.

Clerk: What size of car would you like to rent?

Customer: What are the available options?

Clerk: You can have full size, mid size or a compact car. According to the current availability, we have a few compact cars and sedans but I am afraid we don’t have any large vehicles as of now.

Customer: I think I will go for the compact option. What is the rate?

Clerk: Well, how much driving are you planning to do, Madam?

Customer: What difference would that make?

Clerk: Madam, actually we have two different plans that suit different needs. If you are planning to do a lot of driving, then we have unlimited mileage plan with a little higher charge. But if your requirement is not more than 60 miles a day, then cheaper rate is available.

Customer: What is the rate in both the cases?

Clerk: Madam, it is $70 for unlimited mileage and $16 for limited usage plan. What is your requirement?

Customer: Well, I need car for a long trip so first option is suitable for me.

Clerk: Most certainly, Madam.  How long do you need the car?

Customer: For a week.

Clerk: Very well, Madam.

Customer: Do you provide one way rentals as well?

Clerk: Yes Madam, we do but in selected cities. Are you planning on a one way trip?

Customer: No, I was just asking for future reference. Where do you have your branches?

Clerk: We have our branches in Boston, Denver, Chicago, Detroit, Philadelphia and Seattle.

Customer: Great. It is widespread.

Clerk: Thank you, Madam. It is all because of our customers. Coming back to your booking, would you like to purchase an insurance cover to take care of any damages that might happen in the event of an accident?

Customer: Yes, please. Can you please brief me about the different available plans?

Clerk: Yes sure, Madam. If you are looking for a complete insurance cover, it is $9 per day. It will cover your personal insurance as well as any collision damage that may happen, if an accident occurs. There is a quick insurance available at $4 per day as well which only covers the damage to vehicle.

Customer: What do you suggest?

Clerk: I would suggest a complete insurance cover, Madam. As you will be driving the car yourself, you will have maximum protection. The rate is a bit higher but it is beneficial in case of a tragedy.

Customer: You seem to be right. I will go for complete insurance cover, please.

Clerk: Certainly, Madam. Please choose the model from this catalogue in compact section. Here it is.

Customer: I will go for this one. (Pointing out to a particular model)

Clerk: If I may suggest, this model has low mileage as compared to the one mentioned on the right side. The engine is sturdier and will be problem free in long drive.

Customer: Ok. I will take the right one.

Clerk: Yes sure, Madam. May I see you driver’s license, please?

Customer: Yes sure. Here it is.

Clerk: (After checking the validity.) Thank you Madam. You will have to fill this form and put your initials here. May I have your credit card, please?

Customer: Yes sure.

(Hands over the form after filling it and signing it duly)

Clerk: Thank you Madam. Here is your credit card and receipt. The car will be due for return on next Tuesday at 8 pm at this branch only. You will have to make sure that the tank is full of gasoline.

Customer: Yes, sure. I will. From where can I pick my car?

Clerk: Please take this receipt outside to booth no 1. The attendant will bring out the car for you.  In case you need any assistance throughout the trip, please call our customer service at the toll free number. Quote the booking number mentioned on the receipt and put forward your problem.

Customer: Ok.

Clerk: Drive safely, Madam. Have a nice trip.

Customer: Thank you. Good bye.

Clerk: Goodbye, Madam.