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Sample English Dialogue: Hotel Reception

Ingilizce.com Hotel Resepsiyonunda

Ingilizce diyalog uyelerimiz bu metnin Turkce karsiliginida gorebilirler.

Dialogue Between Reception And Customer Making Reservation and Checking in

The customer is inquiring and making reservation to stay for two days. She also wants to know about the nearest places to visit.

Receptionist: Welcome to XYZ Hotel. How can I help you Madam?

Customer: Yes, I would like to book a room please.

Receptionist: How long will be your stay Madam?

Customer: It will be for two days.

Receptionist: Would you like a single room or double room, please?

Customer: Single room please. I will appreciate if you can give me a room having nice view.

Receptionist: Certainly Madam. I will just check the availability. (Pause) We do have some vacancies. Would you like me to move ahead with the reservation process, Madam?

Customer: Yes sure.

Receptionist: Do you prefer a smoking or non-smoking room?

Customer: Non-smoking please.

Receptionist: We do have a non-smoking single room with a beautiful view available, Madam.

Customer: What is the charge for one night?

Receptionist: Would you like to include any meals-breakfast or dinner?

Customer: No, thanks.

Receptionist: It is $60 per night, Madam.

Customer: Can I pay by credit card?

Receptionist: Certainly, we accept Visa, American Express, and Master Card. We accept debit cards also. May I know your name please?

Customer: Melissa Barnes.

Receptionist: Can you please fill in this form, Madam?

Customer: Do you need any passport or driving license details?

Receptionist: No Madam, just your name, address and signature.

Customer: Does your hotel have a restaurant?

Receptionist: Yes Madam. There are two restaurants-one is a multi-cuisine gourmet special and the other one is continental. We have a bar at the roof top, Madam offering splendid view and some of the finest champagnes and wines to our guests. There is a discotheque in the basement with famous DJ nights on Wednesdays. There is a room service menu also if you prefer to eat in your room.

Customer: Great. How long does the bar and discotheque remain open?

Receptionist: Madam, bar remains open 24 by 7. The discotheque opens at 7 in the evening till early hours of morning.

Customer: What about clubhouse and gym?

Receptionist: We do have a gym at the ground floor that remains open throughout the day. We have all the latest technology machines right from high power treadmills to bench presses. We also have a swimming pool with a café by the pool side. Our esteemed guests are welcome to use these facilities free of cost.

Customer: Do you have a baby pool also?

Receptionist: Yes, Madam. There is a baby pool and two life guards are also available around the pool round the clock. Do you have a baby accompanying you, Madam?

Customer: No, not now. But since I frequently visit this city, I want to keep in mind the hotels that are baby friendly.

Receptionist: You don’t have to worry, Madam. We have a play area specifically designed for kids having joy rides and play pits. We also organize magic shows regularly.

Customer: Great. I would also like to know if you have any spa services available.

Receptionist: Yes, definitely, Madam. We have specialized spa treatments available with steam baths and Jacuzzi. You can have oriental, beautifying and relaxing spas all in our private areas. Some of the spa treatments are also given in the lap of nature. You must try them.

Customer: Yes, sure. I will. Here is the form.

Receptionist: Thank you.

Customer: Can you please tell me about the nearest beaches and things to do around in the town?

Receptionist: Yes sure Madam. There are two beaches within 5 km distance from the hotel. And you can go and visit old architectural museums, and churches. There is a great market area down the hill where you can find almost anything at cheap prices. Ferry rides are also organized at both the beaches around sunset and sunrise. There is an all night cruise as well where you can have fun dancing and dining all night. There is a casino cruise exclusively for the casino lovers. But I am afraid, kids under the age of 15 are not allowed.

Customer: That’s fine. Do any of these nearby beaches offer water sports?

Receptionist: Most certainly, Madam. You can do water scooting, parasailing, take banana boat rides and can also do water surfing.

Customer: Ok, thanks for the help.

Receptionist: Madam, we do have touring service in case you want to arrange for the visit to the far flung places.

Customer: Great. I will get back to you for this booking.

Receptionist: Thank you Madam. Here are your keys. Room No 304. If you need anything, just dial 1 for reception lobby. Have a nice stay.

Customer: Thank you.


                                              Checkout From Hotel

Receptionist: Good Morning. May I help you?

Customer: Yes, I would like to checkout now. Room no 304. Here is the key.

Receptionist: Ms Melissa Barnes, right?

Customer: Yes.

Receptionist: Give me a moment please as I get your details Madam. Here is your bill. Would you like to check it?

Customer: What all does this bill include?

Receptionist: It includes the phone calls you made from your room Madam.

Customer: Will it be fine if I pay by travelers cheques?

Receptionist: Certainly Madam. Can I have your passport please?

Customer: Yes sure. Here it is.

Receptionist: Can you please sign all the cheques?

Customer: Yes sure.

Receptionist: Here is the receipt Madam. Would you mind filling a feedback form for us?

Customer: No.

Receptionist: Here it is Madam. We value your feedback.

Customer: Here you are. (Handing over the form after filling it). Can you please call for a taxi to take me to the airport?

Receptionist: Certainly Madam. (Taxi arrives). Your taxi has arrived Madam. Hope you had a nice stay. We would love to have you here again.

Customer: Thank you. Goodbye.

Receptionist: Goodbye Madam.