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Sample English Dialogue: Telephone Banking

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Telephone Banking Conversation

Customer is calling the bank representative to enquire about telephone banking services and to transfer the money from one account to another.

Bank representative: Hello. ABC Bank. How may I help you today?

Customer: Hello, I am Andrea Knowles and I would like to get some information on the telephone banking services provided by your bank to customers.

Bank representative: Yes Sure Madam. My name is Giselle and I will be helping you. May I know your account number please?

Customer: Yes, please. It is 8324.

Bank representative: At the main land branch, right?

Customer: Yes.

Bank representative: What would you like to know Ms Knowles?

Customer: How do I sign up for telephone banking?

Bank representative: Please give me the details and I will do it for you just now.

Customer: But before that, just brief me about how telephone banking operates and what are the facilities?

Bank representative: Certainly, Madam.  Telephone banking allows you to do all your day-to-day transactions over the phone without actually visiting the branch. You can resolve your queries, transfer money, pay bills and do almost any account activity through phone banking. You can access it 24 hours a day.

Customer: That’s just great. But when it comes to accessing my account, how do I do it?

Bank representative: You just have to call the bank, enter your details and process as per the menu options of your choice.

Customer: But anyone can call if somehow he or she gets access to my bank account number. What is the security?

Bank representative: Madam, you will have a secure PIN number that you will enter to move forward with any phone banking process. Moreover, it is the PIN that you set yourself by pressing the numbers from your keypad and not by telling it to any of our representatives allowing you complete privacy.

Customer: Ok. And how do I choose the menu options?

Bank representative: You need to listen to the options and choose them by pressing the buttons from your keypad.

Customer: What all operations can I perform through phone banking?

Bank representative: You can check your balance, ask for a complete statement of the transactions, pay your bills, transfer money from one account to another and even between the banks.

Customer: Superb. Do you offer any stock trading services on phone banking as well?

Bank representative: Yes certainly, Ms Knowles. You can trade your stocks and bonds without any problem. But I am afraid you need to have a separate special account for that.

Customer: That’s fine. But what if I encounter any problem while operating through phone banking?

Bank representative: Our staff is always available for your assistance from 8 to 8 and there is an automated answering system as well that you can use for your help.

Customer: It sounds great. Is there any fee that I need to pay for this service?

Bank representative: No, Madam. It is absolutely free for our esteemed customers.

Customer: Great. I would like to start with signing up process for telephone banking.

Bank representative: Yes sure, Madam. Now the call will be passed on to the automated machine where you will be asked for your account number, name and address. Then you will have to go by instructions and enter your desired PIN by pressing the keys on your keypad.

Customer: Thank you but I have to transfer money from my one account to another as well today. Will phone banking be activated immediately?

Bank representative: Yes Madam. After the signing up process, you can immediately use phone banking by entering appropriate choice from the menu. Now I am transferring your call to the automated system. In case you need assistance, press the correct menu option and we will be available for your help.

Customer: Thank you.

(Customer returns after signing up for phone banking).

Customer: Is my phone banking service activated?

Bank representative: Please let me check, Madam. I will require your account number for that, Madam.

Customer: It is 8324.

Bank representative: Give me a moment, Madam. Yes, it is activated and you can do your transactions through our phone banking medium now.


Customer: Ok, I would like to transfer $100 to my daughter’s account.

Bank representative: Certainly, Madam. Can you please repeat your account number?

Customer: 8324.

Bank representative: Ms Andrea Knowles. May I take the account number to which you want to transfer the money?

Customer: Yes, please. It is 8888.

Bank representative: It is in the name of Ms Cindy Knowles. How much money would you like to transfer?

Customer: Yes, she is my daughter. I want to transfer $100, please.

Bank representative: Just a moment Madam. Your transaction number is 234.

Customer: 234?

Bank representative: Yes Madam, that’s right. May I help you with something else today?

Customer: Yes, can you please tell me the total balance now in my daughter’s account?

Bank representative: Yes, sure. It is $1000 Madam including today’s transaction.

Customer: Ok.

Customer: And what about the balance in my account?

Bank representative: It is $ 10,066, Madam.

Customer: Alright.

Bank representative: Is there anything else you would like to know?

Customer: No, this is it for today. Thank you.

Bank representative: My pleasure, Madam. The next time you will use your phone banking, you will be asked to enter the PIN and then only the operations will proceed.

Customer: Ok. Thank you.

Bank representative: We are happy to help you. Have a nice day.

Customer: Thank you. Goodbye.

Bank representative: Goodbye, Ms Knowles.