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Sample English Dialogue: Sample Dialogue Boat Carter Company

Ingilizce.com Tekne Turu Acentasinda

Ingilizce diyalog uyelerimiz bu metnin Turkce karsiliginida gorebilirler.

Boat Charter Company

A customer is inquiring about the facilities like services on board and other boat details in order to charter a boat.

Representative: Hello, Madam. How may I help you?

Customer: Hello. I want to charter a boat. So I was looking for someone to assist me in the process.

Representative: Yes sure, Madam. I am Melinda and I will help you in your quest for the right boat. May I know your name please?

Customer: Yes. Carol Gracias.

Representative: Ms Gracias, have you visited our website to have an idea of the kind of boats that are available with us?

Customer: No, I couldn’t. Actually I heard about you from a friend who used your services a little while back.

Representative: Alright, Madam. What boat size are you looking at?

Customer: Well, what are my available options?

Representative: Madam, we have 7-meter cruisers, 14 meter sailboats, 10-14 meter vessels and yachts. Which one do you prefer?

Customer: Well, I am a newbie so you will have to help me step by step.  

Representative: Sure, Madam. But as you mentioned you are new to the field, may I know the purpose of chartering the boat so that I can suggest you better.

Customer: Yes, sure. It is just for recreation. I want to take a 2 day long trip in the ABC Lake and adjoining seaways.

Representative: Alright, Madam. When are you planning to travel?

Customer: On the coming long weekend. I think it is 12th.

Representative: Yes Madam, it is. How many occupants will be there?

Customer: It will be me, my husband and our two kids. We may have two friends of ours joining in.

Representative: Ok. Would you prefer a luxury option or a normal one, Madam?

Customer: I think luxury.

Representative: Well I think 10-14 meter boat will be right for you. This boat has heavy equipment. The regions you have mentioned always have heavy winds blowing so there will be no problem in putting wind in the sails. Secondly, it satisfies your requirement of the number of occupants. Thirdly, it is luxurious.

Customer: Ok. Do you have any smaller boat as well?

Representative: Yes, Madam. There is 7 -10 meter sail boats category also where you will have a sink, stove, galley and other bathroom facilities. No luxury as such and the number of occupants can be up to 6 in a 10 meter boat.

Customer: The 10-14 meter boat seems more appropriate. How about the cabins?

Representative: Madam, this boat has double birth cabins with a very comfortable lying down and sitting space. There are luxury-suites below the deck as well to offer you the most memorable and relaxing experience.

Customer: Great. What other service do you have on board?

Representative: Madam, you can either opt for readymade meals that we will provide you or you can choose to cook by yourself. The packaged meals will be placed in the fridge and you can prepare them with the help of the oven and microwave provided to you. If you prefer to cook yourself, you will be provided all the raw material and you can do your own cooking. Apart from this, the luxury suite will have unlimited collection of finest champagnes and wines.  Refrigerator, microwave, tea kettle, and other essential commodities are provided.

Customer: Good. I hope you are talking about an autopilot version.

Representative: Madam, we have both normal motor operated and autopilot versions? I would like to know your preference.

Customer: Autopilot for sure.

Representative: Alright, Madam. Is there anything else you would like to know about the boat?

Customer: Yes, do you have routes defined for the regions I mentioned?

Representative: Yes, Madam. We definitely have routes defined for your specified area. If you want, you can have a one professional skipper on board at all times.

Customer: What are the charges without skipper for an autopilot version?

Representative: Madam, It would be $300 per day.

Customer: And if we prefer to have skipper on board?

Representative: It would be $450 per day, Madam.

Customer: Too much of a price difference.

Representative: Madam, I understand your concern. But if you are not very familiar with yachting and are not good at reading routes, then I must suggest that skipper should be there to assist you at all times. If you are a pro and know how to handle things, then everything will work fine even without a skipper.

Customer: You seem to have a point here. And what if we prefer to have crew to cook?

Representative: It would be $600, Madam.

Customer: Ok. Please show me the pictures of the vessel you are talking about.

Representative: Certainly, Madam. Here they are.

Customer: They look good. I hope the original boat is also the same. (Smiles)

Representative: You don’t have to worry, Madam. We are known for our honesty and excellent customer service. You will have in your hands what you have seen.

Customer: Ok. I would also like to know the price for a yacht of about 30 ft with all the luxuries and at least 4 cabins.

Representative: Yes sure, Madam. It would be $800 per night.

Customer: Does it include skipper, dingy and crew for cooking?

Representative: No, Madam. All are extra.

Customer: Ok. Well I would like to book luxury 14 meters boat with skipper on board at all times; the same boat whose pictures I have seen.

Representative: Surely, Madam. So may I go ahead with the reservation process for 12th?

Customer: Yes, please.

Representative: Ms Carol Gracias, right?

Customer: Yes.

Representative: Madam, just want to confirm that your requirement is of 2 days.

Customer: How about the routes that you have specifically designed? Which one is the most enjoyable?

Representative: It is a 3 day tour, Madam.

Customer: Then make it three.

Representative: Sure, Madam. May I have your credit card, please?

Customer: Yes, sure.

Representative: Thank you. Your 14 meter luxury boat has been booked for a 3 day trip to ABC Lake and seaways. Your boat number is NMT11. Make sure to reach the port on 12th at 9:00 in the morning. Here is your confirmation receipt.

Customer: Certainly. Thank you.

Representative: Thank you, Madam. Enjoy your day.

Customer: Bye.

Representative: Good bye Madam.