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Sample English Dialogue: Sample Dialogue At the Bank

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Dialogue Between Bank Clerk And Customer

Customer is inquiring and looking for transferring the money to a bank account in a different country. She also wants to withdraw some money for herself.

Bank Clerk: Hello Madam. How can I help you?

Customer: Hello. I would like to know how to send money to someone’s account in a bank in UK.

Bank Clerk: Certainly, Madam. Do you hold an account in our bank?

Customer: Yes, I do.

Bank Clerk: May I know your bank account number, please?

Customer: Yes sure. It is A34678.

Bank Clerk: Thank you, Madam. Ms Nicci Adams, right?

Customer: Yes, please.

Bank Clerk: Ms Adams, about the mediums of transfer, you can wire transfer, mail, telegraph, or use a cheque. You can also use our specialized services for international money transfer or foreign exchange services like SWIFT.  Alternatively, you can create a banker’s demand draft from bank and post it to the concerned person. What would you like to go for Madam?

Customer: Well, what do you suggest?

Bank Clerk: The choice of mode depends on the amount of money you want to transfer, Madam. And the speed also varies in different methods. The fastest but costliest mode of transfer is specialized service. The transaction is fast. The cheapest method however is bank draft but the money reaches the beneficiary in about 15 days.

Customer: How about cheques?

Bank Clerk: Well, these are either foreign cheques or traveler cheques. Foreign cheques are easy to settle and are the cheapest medium of transferring the money internationally. For that, you need to send this cheque to the beneficiary through registered mail or courier just like a demand draft and the recipient can then cash it.  Regarding traveler cheques, they are normally used while travelling to avoid the hassle of carrying the cash. The can be cashed out at local banks.

Customer: Ok. Do traveler cheques have any validity period?

Bank Clerk: No, Madam. There is no limited validity period. But I would recommend this medium only if you are traveling all by yourself and not for paying money to any other person.

Customer: Why so?

Bank Clerk: This is because we have better payment methods available. These cheques are for traveler’s convenience.

Customer: Ok. Can you please explain in detail the specialized service?

Bank Clerk: Yes sure, Madam. This specialized service is known as SWIFT i.e. Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication. As the name suggests, the transfer happens electronically using phone lines.  There is a SWIFT code and routing number associated with your transaction that makes it unique. As I told you earlier, the transfer is fast. It happens within 2-3 days and is completely secure.

Customer: Ok. What are the charges for one transaction?

Bank Clerk: It is $50 per transaction Madam.

Customer: It is too much!

Bank Clerk: How much money are you planning to send?

Customer: It is $800.

Bank Clerk: Why don’t you go for mail payment order?

Customer: How much time does it take?

Bank Clerk: Well, it will be a week, Madam. The method is secure and has better viability.

Customer: I am looking for a faster mode of transaction.

Bank Clerk: Then, you can go for telegraphic transfer or wire transfer as well.

Customer: How long does it take?

Bank Clerk: It takes 3-4 days depending on the network of associated banks. If the bank is directly in our network, then the time taken is less but if the money has to be routed through third party bank, it takes one day extra. Wire transfer is the second more popular medium of international money transfer after SWIFT.

Customer: What are the charges?

Bank Clerk: It is $10, Madam.

Customer: Ok. What about the security of the transaction?

Bank Clerk: It is a completely secure method Madam and all the banks involved are trusted parties. The entire transaction is confidential with details lying with us only.

Customer: I think I will use telegraphic transfer. How can I pay by this mode of transfer?

Bank Clerk: You have to pay by cash. Or if you have an account in our bank, you can issue a cheque which will be subjected to withdrawal. What would you like to do?

Customer: I will pay by cash.

Bank Clerk: Yes sure Madam. Please fill out this form first with all the details. Please sign it duly.

Customer: (After filling the form.) Here it is.

Bank Clerk: Thank You, Madam. Please give me a moment to check the details. Can I have the payment please?

Customer: Yes sure. (Handing over the payment)

Bank Clerk: Thank you Madam. Here is the receipt for the payment. The funds will be transferred to the beneficiary within 3-4 days.  

Customer: How can I check the status of my transaction?

Bank Clerk: You can either inquire with the beneficiary or contact our customer service center after mentioning the transaction number as mentioned in your receipt.

Customer: Thank you.

Bank Clerk: Is there anything else I can help you with?

Customer: I want to withdraw some money from my account.

Bank Clerk: Yes sure, Madam. Please fill this form and submit it to the cash counter.

Customer: Ok. Thank you.

(Customer fills the form and hands it over to the cash counter.)

Bank Clerk: Ms Nicci Adams, can you please sign the form right now?

Customer: Yes sure.

Bank Clerk: Thank you, Madam. Here is the amount.

Customer: Thank you.

Bank Clerk: Have a good day.

Customer: Thanks. You too have a nice day.